The Master the Complex Live Case Series brings together experts from around the world to share best practice, discuss treatment options and understand the decision-making process of the live case operators.


4th – 5th March 2022
3pm–4:15pm (GMT+1)

Antalya, Turkey


24th – 25th March 2022
9:30am-11:30am (GST) – 6:30am-8:30am (CET)

Muscat, Oman


June 2022

South-East Europe & Israel


September 2022

Moscow, Russia


  • Peer to peer experience sharing on complex PCI procedures
  • Role of intravascular imaging in calcified lesions
  • Understand the rationale of treatment strategies of experienced operators for LM Bifurcations and Plaque Modification
  • Facilitate working within the expert community

#2 Master The Complex, Oman

Muscat, 24th March 2022

9:30am-11:30am (GST)

6:30am-8:30am (CET)

If you cannot join our Master the Complex meeting in Muscat, we invite you to JOIN the LIVE sessions which will be transmitted live online on 24th March, and will be available on demand thereafter.
Two cases will be broadcast, from Kuwait with Dr Khalid Al Merri and Dr Abdullah Al-Enezi and from Jeddah with Dr Wail Al Kashkari and Dr Abdullah Al Saiedi.
Dr Fawaz Al Mutairi and Dr Hazem El Guindy will moderate this session and discuss treatment strategies for both Complex PCI cases.
Register for free on the website for unlimited access!

Live Case 1 – Treatment strategies for calcified lesion – Dr. Khalid Al Merri and Dr. Abdullah Al Enezi in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.
March 24th at 9:30 AM GST

Live Case 2 – Performing PCI to LAD with Rotablation Atherectomy, with Dr. Wail Al Kashkari and Dr. Abdullah Al Saiedi in Jeddah
March 24th at 9:45 AM GST

Operators & Faculty


Dr. Khalid Al Merri
Chest Hospital, Shuwaikh,Kuwait


Dr. Abdullah Al-Enezi
Chest Hospital, Shuwaikh,Kuwait


Dr. Wail Al Kashkari
National Guard Hospital Jeddah, KSA


Dr. Abdullah Al Saiedi
National Guard Hospital Jeddah, KSA


Dr. Fawaz Al Mutairi
National Guard Hospital Riyadh, KSA


Dr. Hazem El Guindy
Misr International Hospital
Cairo, Egypt

#1 CardioMasters Summit, Turkey

Antalya, 4th March 2022

3pm–4:15pm (GMT+1)

If you can not join our CardioMasters Summit in Antalya in person, we invite you to the LIVE session which is transmitted online on March 4th from Antalya. Prof Muzaffer Degertekin discusses treatment strategies for complex PCI procedures with Dr Kambis Mashayekhi, Prof Emanuele Barbato and other well-known cardiologists from Turkey.
Register for free on the website for unlimited access!

Chair and Operator


Prof Muzaffer Değertekin
Yeditepe University Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Prof Emanuele Barbato
Cardiovascular Centre of OLV Hospital
Aalst, Belgium

Dr Kambis Mashayekhi
MediClin Heartcenter,
Lahr, Germany

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